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Laravel / Codeigniter Training in Dehradun

Codiens provide Laravel / Codeigniter training in Dehradun which helps PHP developers, PHP learners, and those who really want to work as a freelancer to add up their skills. Laravel and Codeigniter are PHP frameworks and you can choose one to learn first. Our training program will fill you with confidence which can help you to get a place in the IT sector. Laravel / Codeigniter training in Dehradun by our experts is not combined. Both are different, you can learn Laravel or Codeigniter or both. The fee structure is different for Laravel and Codeigniter.

Laravel and Codeigniter - An Introduction

Laravel is a web framework for web artisans and with an expressive, elegant syntax. It is a powerful framework to develop big projects like an eCommerce web application. Web developers use Laravel to take the pain out of development by easing daily or common tasks used in the majority of web development projects, such as routing, authentication, sessions, and caching. Codiens Offer the best Laravel training and dedicated placement assistance to each student in Dehradun with properly planned training modules and course material.

Codeigniter is for developers who are frustrated and need a simple and elegant toolkit to create a full-featured web application. Both Laravel and Codeigniter are open source and free to use. You can check this beautiful blog on Laravel vs Codeigniter by Guru99.

Laravel Topics

  1. Introduction of Laravel
  2. MVC Introduction Installation and Directory Structure
  3. URL Routing
  4. Controller, View Passing data in view
  5. Blade Engine
  6. Form handling
  7. Connecting database and Model
  8. Error handling and Validation
  9. Session
  10. CRUDS Operation
  11. Project Implementation

Codeigniter Topics

  1. Installing CodeIgniter
  2. Application Architecture
  3. MVC Framework Configuration
  4. Working with Database
  5. Libraries
  6. Working with Controller and Views
  7. CI Model
  8. Active Record Pattern
  9. Helpers and Custom library
  10. Error Handling
  11. File Uploading
  12. Sending Email
  13. Forms
  14. Session and Cookie Management
  15. Page Caching and Page Redirection
  16. Adding static files
  17. Project Implementation


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