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Best JavaScript Training Program in Dehradun

JavaScript - Exploring the depth

Learning javascript is what you need in todays’ competitive world. Javascript is in trending mode. At codiens, we teach you the basics of Javascript with its advanced features. This best javascript training program in dehradun will help you to boost your technical skill.

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is a scripting language used to make your web pages interactive. Huh! Old definition. But this is the starting definition and it grows too big to handle when you don’t know it. Javascript is a language you can use to design websites, mobile apps, server-side apps etc. We all faced javascript in our coding career. But we don’t even care to learn it more. Today we have so many applications which run on javascript. The best example is Instagram and Facebook, they both use React (Javascript library for front-end development) - a facebook project.

You'll learn ...

We all know what our colleges teach us, they just show you a function called alert() and say this is javascript. But, we should know that javascript is beyond this. We cover a lot of concepts in javascript. Our best javascript training program in Dehradun will help you to understand the JS concepts deeply. And, we will together build some cool projects in javascript which will guide you to use javascript in your daily coding styles.

At the end of this javascript training program you’ll become an advanced, confident, and modern JS developer. Become job-ready coder by understanding how JavaScript really works behind the scenes with codiens. You’ll learn a lot of cool things like variables in javascript, conditionals usage, working with operators, boolean logic, understanding functions in javascript, arrays, objects, loops, strings, etc.


  • Intro to web with JS
  • Javascript Basics
  • Data Structures, Modern Operators and Strings
  • Functions in JS
  • Working with Arrays
  • DOM events
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) With JavaScript
  • Asynchronous JavaScript: Promises, Async/Await and AJAX
  • Setting Up Git and Deployment


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