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Django / Flask Training Program in Dehradun

Websites are increasing day by day and the web is full of amazing cool websites which are always for users. The best ones are Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook and one with many videos, Youtube. Python/Django Training Program in Dehradun by Codiens is one training program for those who love python and want to start their career in web development. Django is a cool and high level web framework for crazy programmers out there.

Codiens is known for delivering the best django training program in Dehradun. We at codiens teach you the concepts first and then start implementing those in your django project. Our experts will make you comfortable using Django in real world projects. Our Python/Django Program Training in Dehradun is best for everyone who really wants to scratch the deep surface of Django framework.

Does Django really care about developers?

Django is a powerful framework which follows the MVT (Model-View-Template) model. It was built by many experienced developers to solve the hassle problems faced by web developers in the market. So, a developer can focus on writing their app without needing to reinvent the wheel. You can choose Django for your next big project.


  • What is the Web?
  • HTML Basics
  • Python Introduction
  • Setting up your Django
  • Django admin
  • Django project
  • Apps in Django
  • URL Mappings
  • Templates in Django
  • Static Files
  • Understanding Models in Django
  • Models-Templates-Views Paradigm
  • Django Forms
  • Model Forms
  • Template filters
  • Setting up Git

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