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Data Structures and Algorithms Coaching in Dehradun

Codiens is the right place in dehradun where you can enhance your Data Structures and Algorithms skills. This DSA course has been divided into 8-10 weeks (depending on student’s consistency)  with a lot of practice sessions, mock tests, interview questions etc.

This data structures and algorithms course does not need any prior experience with data structures but make sure you have basic knowledge of any programming language ( for example C, C++, Python , Java etc. ), this will help you throughout your coding sessions.

In this DSA (Data Structures & Algorithms) course you will get to learn basics of algorithms, pseudo code, sorting  and searching techniques, memory management, space and time complexities, different structures and collections etc.

What you will learn with codiens’ team

Course Content of Data Structures & Algorithms

  • Introduction of data structures & algorithms
  • Abstract Data Types & Analysis of algorithms
  • Big- O Notations
  • Omega - Notations
  • Arrays and its manipulation
  • Recursion and Memory Visualization
  • Backtracking & its algorithms
  • Linkedlists and its comparisons with array & dynamic array
  • Stacks , its applications & comparison of implementations
  • Queues, its applications & comparison of implementations
  • Trees and types of trees and its implementations
  • Priority Queues and Heaps
  • Disjoint Sets ADT( Abstract data types)
  • Graph algorithms and its applications
  • Different Sorting techniques
  • Different Searching techniques
  • Hashing , Collisions and its problems
  • Different String algorithms
  • Greedy algorithms and its applications
  • Divide and Conquer Algorithms and its applications
  • Basic understanding with dynamic programming and needs
  • Complexity classes with problems


What Codiens provide you to enrich your skills on a daily basis ?

Codiens’ faculty provide you notes on a daily basis according to your lectures so that you can revise your class lectures  and  still if you’ll get any doubt then you can discuss it on every Saturday. Yes, you are thinking absolutely right. Codiens provide you doubt session classes every Saturday and discuss real implementations of technology.

Codiens’ team wants their geeks to focus on real problems and understand the actual need of technology. For that, codiens decided to give some extra sessions which are all about  mock interviews, interview questions, competitive problems, real technology problems and career guidance etc.






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