Character Set in Python

In computing, It is a defined list of characters and symbols recognized by the computer software and hardware.

A character is a smallest unit of text that has semantic value for the compiler.

Python initially uses the traditional ASCII (American standard code for information interchange) character set but from the version 2.7, it also recognizes the Unicode ( Universal code) character set.The UNICODE character set includes any letter, digit, special symbols, escape sequences and white spaces.

Character Set in Python Programming Langauge

The Unicode character set is a superset of ASCII character set and it has 143,696 graphic characters and 163 format characters as of version Unicode 13.0.

We frequently use 128 characters out of it which are listed below:

Python character set involves lowercase (from a to z) and uppercase (from A to Z) letters :-

alphabet or letters in python character set

Digits in python character set :-

Digits in Python Chracter Set

Special Characters in Python

Non-alphabetic and non-numeric characters such as $, &, @ etc. are called special characters in computation. These are the valid special characters in Python :

Special Characters in Python

Control Characters

The ASCII Character set reserves first 32 codes ( from 0 to 31) for control characters.

Let us understand, What are control characters?

In Computing, control character( non printing character) is a special character in character set , that does not print a written symbol. They have special purposes to do with cursor movement and are written into an ordinary string or a character by typing a backslash character ( \ ) followed by some other character.

Other than these 32 characters,there are 33 more control characters in it.

Escape Sequence

In Python language, an Escape sequence consists of two characters the first one is backslash (/) and the other one will be a character or a digit which will determine interpretation of the sequence.These are the Control Characters and escape sequences are listed below :

Control Characters and Escape Sequences