Top 3 JavaScript Frameworks in 2022

Firstly, JavaScript is an object-oriented, open-source and scripting programming language. It is used for multiple paradigms. JavaScript was initially only used for client-side programming or to access or manipulate the data at the client-side ( browser).
But, nowadays, we can use javascript for multipurpose. It means client-side programming as well as server-side programming. 
Now, the question arises how?

How can we use javascript for backend/server-side programming?

Developers can work on the server-side using Node.js. It allows applications to communicate with application and database servers. There are several frameworks by which we can use node.js for development with easy syntax and at a cheaper time. For example, Angular, Vue JS, React JS, Ember.js, Meteor, Mithrill, etc. We are going to discuss the top 3 of them. 

Programmers should learn these top 3 JavaScript Framework in 2022

1. Angular

Angular is a bridge between HTML and dynamic programming applications. It is one of the most efficient, powerful frameworks of javascript. Google operates this for their single-page applications (SPA). It extends HTML to the application, implements all the attributes, and performs data binding.

It is easy to use and has excellent support from the community. It is just because it is developed at google and is open source. So, if you find any problem with your development, you'll get support using troubleshooting from the large community of Angular.
Also, it offers mobile compatibility. Therefore, you don't need to design it manually.

  • Angular Framework turns any templates into code optimized for JavaScript virtual machines and gives the developer hand-written code benefits, making it faster development than other platforms.
  •  It serves the very first view of Node.js, Dot NET(.Net), PHP, and other servers for near-instant rendering in just HTML tags and CSS sheets. 
  • In the Angular framework, angular apps load quickly, delivering automatic code-splitting with the help of a new Component Router. So, the developer loads the code required to render the view they request.
  • Angular framework creates UI (User Interface) views with the simple and powerful template syntax.
  • Angular Command Line Interface provides tools to start building fast, add components to the application DOM and faster testing, then instantly deploy.


2. React

Facebook developers develop the React framework. It is mainly used with DOM (Document Object Model ) and creating the dynamic user interface for web applications with great design to interact effectively. 

DOM stands for 'Document Object Model' in terms of Web Page. It is a structured representation of HTML elements present in a web page. Document Object Model represents the entire user interface of your web application.

  • The first feature is that it creates an interactive and dynamic user interface for websites and mobile applications. React JS updates efficiently and render the right components when data changes. This Declarative view makes the code readable and easy to debug.
  • In React JS, the web page contains every DOM object, a corresponding "virtual DOM object." It creates a virtual copy of the original DOM and represents a DOM object.
  • The third point is event handling. In React, it has its fully compatible W3C object model event system created. It also provides a cross-browser interface to a native event. It means developers need not worry about incompatibility issues with event names and fields. In addition, react JS reduces memory overhead as the event system is implemented through the event delegation and has a pool of event objects.
  • The next one is JSX. It stands for Javascript XML and writes HTML content on React applications.
  • The React JS framework uses one-way data binding with Flux controls' application architecture.
Flux is an application architecture that Facebook (Meta ) uses internally for building the client-side web application with React for better performance.


     So, this feature of React JS makes it faster in terms of performance.

  •  In React JS, everything is a DOM or web page component divided into small components to create a view or user interface. Every part of the application visuals would be wrapped inside a self-contained module known as a component. Components in ReactJS are used to define the visuals and interactions in applications.


3. Vue JS

Vue JS is a javascript framework, and Its dual integration mode is one of the most attractive features for creating high-end SPA or Single Page Applications. In addition, it is a much more reliable platform for developing cross-platform. 

  • Vue.js utilizes virtual DOM(Document Object Model). Virtual DOM is a clone of the principal DOM element. The virtual DOM absorbs every change intended for the DOM presented in JavaScript, which is compared with the original structure.
  • The viewers view final changes reflected in the real DOM or last web page. This method is creative and cost-effective; also, the changes are done so quickly.
  • In Vue.js, the data binding feature facilitates manipulating or assigning values to HTML attributes, changing the style, and assigning classes with v-bind available, which is a binding directive in Vue.
  • In Vue.js, the CSS animation and transitions feature provides several methods to apply a transition to HTML components when added to the DOM, updated to the DOM, or removed from the DOM. Its features consist of a built-in component that wraps the HTML  element responsible for returning the transition effect in a web page.
  • We use methods when an event occurs that isn't necessarily related to the instance data being mutated or changing an HTML component's state.
  • It has less complexity than other frameworks. Vue.js is more straightforward in terms of API and design. A web developer builds simple applications and APIs (Application programming interface ) in a single day. 
  • Vue.js provides HTML-based templates that bind the DOM with the Vue.js instance data. The templates are compiled into Virtual DOM render functions. Developers can use the render functions template and replace the HTML template with the render function.

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