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Top 12 Excel Shortcuts That You Need To Know

Although many of us are familiar with Microsoft Excel, let's still have a basic introduction to what it is. Microsoft Excel is just a software program that originated in 1984 by Microsoft. It became the default spreadsheet editing application within businesses and organizations that used companies since its inception to the present time. It can store, read out, analyze and visualize data across multiple platforms.

Even though it has been around for quite some time, Microsoft continues to make upgrades and revisions to the application, like whenever these updates or revisions deem necessary or is considered so by their engineer's team members!

Reasons To Learn Excel Shortcuts

There are several aspects of Excel that support efficiency in the workplace. To start with, Excel's inbuilt functions and shortcuts makes it easier to work much faster and more accurately. Instead of using a mouse for accessing the toolbar, explore these keyboard-based shortcuts as they can perform primary functions and significantly increase your speed when typing data in spreadsheets.

With numerous possible shortcuts available, remember that a few will suffice if practised regularly. You may wish to take printouts of these shortcuts so you can refer to them regularly as needed.

Let's now take a look at 12 useful Excel shortcuts

1. Inserting New Sheets

Using the Shift + F11 quickly helps insert a new sheet into your current workbook.

2. Move To The Top or Bottom of a Spreadsheet

Using the CTRL + UP or CTRL + DOWN is faster.

3. Adding Multiple Rows or Columns

Using the CTRL ++ shortcut, we can easily add as many rows or columns as required. 

4. To Select All The Cells Above and Below The Selected Cell

Use the Ctrl + Shift + UP Arrow and the Ctrl + Shift + DOWN.

5. Adding a Comment To a Cell

Use the Shift + F2 button. 

6. Deleting a Comment From a Cell

We can use the Shift + F10 + D shortcut.  

7. Moving Up Through a Selection of Cells

The Shift + Enter shortcut allows to move up through a selection of cells in any sheet.

8. Formatting Anything in Excel

Use the CTRL + 1 shortcut by selecting the information you want to format.

9. Repeating Commands

Using F4 or Ctrl + Y, you can repeat many commands like applying the format of the same border or inserting a worksheet again.

10. Inserting a Hyperlink

Using the CTRL + K shortcut, one can insert a hyperlink.

11. Selecting an Entire Row or Column

Use the Shift + Space to select an entire row or CTRL + Space shortcut to select an entire column.

12. Adding a Date or a Timestamp

Use CTRL +: to quickly add a timestamp while the CTRL +; to insert today's date.