Natural Language Processing

Top 10 applications of Natural Language Processing

Top 10 applications of Natural Language Processing

Top 10 applications of Natural Language Processing

Before getting started with the applications of NLP. We make sure that you understand what it is.

Natural Language Processing or NLP for short makes it possible for machines to read text, hear speech and interpret it.

What do text and speech mean to a machine or computer, which can only understand zeroes and ones? This may seem not an easy task to teach machines to understand our natural language.

Well, the process of machine understanding our natural language processing algorithms may looks like this :-

  • The machine records the sound of a person.
  • The machine then converts that sound into textual data.
  • Then the machine NLP system converts the data into basic components and understands the context of the conversation of a person.
  • Based on these NLP algorithms, machines interpret which command should be executed.

It means NLP is a process of transferring human language into the numerical instruction set.

We have listed the top 10 applications of NLP. After reading this post you’ll be familiar with the applications of NLP and where are those areas you can use it.

Let’s get started.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is a type of data mining which interprets and classifies human emotions within textual  data using data analysis techniques.

Why do we need this analysis?

Because sentiments never lie. And, we target human’s sentiments to gather a lot of information.

Sentiment analysis tools allow different industries to identify customer sentiment toward  brands, services and products in online feedback. It helps to check whether the customer is happy or not.

There are mainly three types of sentiment algorithm, which are listed below :-

  • Rule Based Algorithm i
  • Automatic System
  • Hybrid System


We all have a small chat with one or many chatbots out there. And, we really ask them dumb questions sometimes.

Chatbots are really cool programs. What a chatbot is?

A Chatbot is simply an artificial intelligence software that can imitate a conversation with humans in natural language with the help of mobile apps, desktop apps, websites etc.

It provides most human friendly interaction between human and machine.

But from the technology point of view, a chatbot is a simple question answering system supporting natural language processing.

Using this question answering system chatbot perform mainly two different tasks :-

  • User request Analysis
  • Returning the sufficient response

Spell Checking

Natural language processing is very efficient now-a-days for solving morphological text processing. We all know that Grammarly is always happy to help us with our spelling or grammar errors. This one is the best example for spell checkers.

Understand spell checking or spell checker with the simple definition below.

A Spell checker  is a software tool which identifies the misspelling in a text.

These Spell checking features are generally embedded in a software. For example :-

  • Word Processor
  • Search engines
  • Email client

Yes, Word Processors are used by everyone. Now, you are getting some sense that NLP is not a new buzz word. It has been with us for many years.

Character Recognition

Character Recognition is a process which allows computers to recognize characters like numbers, alphabet etc. It’s easy to understand character recognition.

We have numerous of character recognition applications, some of them are listed below :-

  • Legal billing character recognition
  • Data entry for business purpose : Cheque, Invoice etc.
  • CAPTCHA Anti-bot Systems
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Pen Computing

Machine Translation

Machine Translation is automated software which converts source content into target languages.

This kind of MT tool is used for translating huge amounts of data and for rendering human speech into target language.

For example - Hindi to English or Any high level programming language to Machine language etc.

There are mainly three types of machine translation systems, which are :-

  • Generic Machine Translation
  • Adaptive Machine Translation
  • Customizable Machine Translation

Many machine translation software is present in now-a-days such as Google Translate, Yandex Translate, AWS Translator, IBM- Watson Language Translator etc.

Social Media Monitoring

Almost all people have started social media platforms for posting images, thoughts, products, policies etc.

Many companies are using social media monitoring to understand the problems that their customers are facing by using their policy or product.

Even these days the government  is also using it to identify potential threats related to the security of the nation.

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising is a kind of online advertising where ads are shown to the user based on their online activity, which product they prefer.

Most of the tech companies today use this approach because it saves companies a lot of money and  relevant ads are shown only to the potential customers.

Target Advertising is based on keyword matching and they are associated with phrases or some keywords.

Hiring and Recruitment

The Human Resource department is an integral part of every company. They have to select the right employees for their company.

But, today, in this highly competitive world, departments  need to review hundreds  of resumes for a single position. It might take hours for filtering resumes and shortlisting the candidates for a single position.

Can this task be automated?

Yes, It can be. Using natural language processing, recruiters can find the right candidate. This simply means that the recruiter would not have to go through every resume and filter the right candidates manually.

Some techniques, like information extraction with named entity recognition, can be used to extract information such as skills, education, location, and name.

Speech Recognition

A voice assistant is a software that uses speech recognition.It uses natural language processing for understanding human language  and the verbal commands of a user and performs action.

You might say it, this is similar to a chatbot, but I have included this separately because they deserve a better place on this list of speech recognition.

There are many speech recognition softwares you have heard of such as Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant etc.

Go and check out their prices. They are cool to use. Bring one home and talk to them.

Fighting Spam

These days one of the most common problems is unwanted emails or notifications. Every now and then, you’ll get some offers which are just spams. Sometimes, using this spamming hackers access your data.

This problem makes Spam filters more important because it is the first line of defense against this kind of problem.

Using natural language processing, we can develop spam filters to spam these unwanted emails.

There are different models used in spam filtering, which are :-

  • N- gram Modeling
  • Bayesian Classification

The list is complete but there are many domains you can use NLP. Start exploring this area, it's quite big to research here. We will not leave you alone in this NLP learning. We will upload posts and tutorials. Keep in touch with Codiens.