7 Reasons Why Coders Love Linux

Linux used to be a pretty scary thing. Unless you were a total geek, you probably wouldn’t even want to consider using it regularly. It was impractical for most people, and its user interface was way too complicated for the average joe user. But in this digital age, Linux can now be found running in your car, on your home PC, or even on enterprise servers!

Linux has gained widespread popularity over the past few years thanks to many reasons. Here we will try to list them to illustrate how and why it is becoming increasingly popular amongst developers, programmers, and business enterprise owners.

1. Linux is reliable and privacy-focused

Unlike Windows, Linux won't be collecting your search history or logins, nor will it be uploading files and data about your browsing habits. This makes it a highly privacy-focused operating system.

2. You can customise Linux for your needs

Linux users get to choose from many different distros and distributions. Linux has a massive community of users who can take advantage of the open-source culture Linux provides. Linux is malleable and adaptable, which means it can be customised to fit any user’s needs.

3. Linux is free and open-source

Programmers often have a love-hate relationship with software licenses & software vendors. They can save money on licenses because of open source. Open-source software allows anyone reviewing the source code to edit it, inspect it, and enhance it without restrictions on its original rights.

4. Little or no viruses

You are very unlikely to stumble on - and be infected by - a Linux virus in the same way you would be infected by a piece of malware on windows.

5. Broad supporting community

Linux offers commendable community support through various forums over the Internet. Such forums have enabled Q&A sessions that encourage discussions related to kernel, shell, or frameworks supporting Linus applications.

6. Users can use free windows apps

Users can use open-source tools such as Wine to allow Windows applications to run on Linux.

7. Much smoother and faster than windows

With Linux, users gain more free spaces on the hard drive and memory and Less Central Processing Usage (CPU).


There is no perfect operating system. Windows, macOS, and Linux all have their pros and cons. However, many programmers and developers tend to choose Linux over other methods because it allows them to create code quickly and productively. Furthermore, it enables them to customise the environment for their needs to be innovative with their workflows based on these specific features. The many perks of selecting Linux OS include, but are not limited to, the fact that it's available and free to use! The open-source programming language makes it easy for programmers and developers to alter, utilise, distribute, and publish their development without sacrificing the ability to do so. It also allows end-users to use text editors such as vim or atom comfortably.

Developers and programmers love open-source operating systems like Linux. The projects are reliable, secure, and contribute to mutually beneficial relationships between developers, who collaborate on code to fix bugs, and users, who use their programs without worrying about stability issues or falling prey to viruses.