10 Best Programming Movies Every Programmer Must Watch!

Movies that feature programming as the central theme are a popular form of relaxation for programmers and children alike.

There is no question that they create impressions and inspire people in movies. But, moreover, movies can be a great source of knowledge, especially if they also entertain us!

Hollywood has inspired a lot of programmers throughout the ages with its portrayals of real-life computer companies, start-up executives, and coders galore. I mean, who hasn't come up with an exciting new algorithm after seeing a particularly riveting movie?

If you go through this blog, you will find some movies related to programming and watch them ASAP.


There are only a handful of programming scenes in this movie. While the overall film is based on actual events, these parts were put there for authenticity and accuracy to their version of what happened during that time.

The movie is about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg and the legal trouble wrought by intellectual property theft. However, the entire film is about how Facebook became the vast, worldwide corporation it is today—featuring its successes and stumbles, including a scene where Mark's friend Gordo created an algorithm that compared students to farm animals. 

Cast: Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield

Director: David Fincher


One of the top-notch movies on this programming movie list, PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY, was directed by Martyn Burke and released in 1999. This film is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys roleplaying. It's a fun film that tells how giants like Microsoft and Apple-designed personal computers. The main character, Steve Jobs, is a programmer and very charismatic.

In this movie, we get to see these legends of tech discipline their two companies (Microsoft and Apple) in their process of making innovative personal computers that would rule the world for years to come! For those who wanna know personal computers were developed, this is a must-watch movie for them.

Cast: Noah Wyle Anthony, Anthony Micheal Hall

Director:  Martin Burke


This movie, which was made in 2014, depicts the invention of the first computer. The German Enigma Code was created by a team consisting of Alan Turing, the show's protagonist. In the end, Turing and his partners could decode this code.

It is said that the ingeniousness of the German Enigma Code and the invention of computers played a significant role in shortening World War II and saving countless lives.

Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley

Director: Morten Tyldum


Takedown is a documentary that follows the story of Kevin Mitnick as he breaks into NCIC's database to clear his name, which was done without his permission or knowledge. Takedown shows how Kevin can hack into any information system, then how the F.B.I. chases him down and makes an arrest.

John Markoff and Tsutomu Shimomura wrote the book. All of the events throughout the movie were very realistic, to say the least, which is what makes this movie a must-see for programmers of all walks of life. Those looking to challenge themselves might also appreciate and benefit from getting involved in a conversation discussing what they thought of this film.

Cast: Skeet Ulrich, Russel Wong, Angela Featherstone

Director: Joe Chappelle.


This movie was indeed the first movie that shed light on hackers. In addition, many teens became interested in the world of programming just because of this movie.

If you haven't already seen "The Matrix" the movie is pretty popular. However, one concept depicted in this movie comes in handy for programmers: looping and recursion.

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fish burne

Director: The Wachowskis


The movie was released back in 1982 and revolved around a programmer who got sucked into the world of computers.

The special effects used in the 1982 film are an absolute marvel considering this movie was made in 1982. The main character uses fine programming skills to guide his way back into reality. This movie is highly recommended for everyone.

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Cindy Morgan

Director: Steven Lisberger


Launched in 2008, this movie is about a crazy computer geek that tortures people to death for the curious pleasure of online spectators. The torture is telecasted live on the internet, and the more people watch the live feed, the quicker the person dies.

He posts videos of him torturing someone, but the F.B.I. can't trace him. They're at a loss to find out where their target is located and what he looks like because of how careful he is about his appearance and behaviour both online and off.

Cast: Diane Lane, Colin Hanks

Director: Gregory Hoblit


Released in 2012, We Are Legion is the story of hacktivists. The film mainly explores the topic of hacktivism and one famous website called 4chan.

You'll see interviews of individuals who are about to head off to prison for various cybercrimes, along with individuals who've been prosecuted using readers' academic and such. Through these interviews and footage, you'll get a better idea of what it is like to be on the other side of your computer screen.

Director: Brian Knappenberger

9. Snowden

In 2016, the Snowden movie was released. The film's plot is based on Edward Snowden, who worked for N.S.A. and leaked information about the government's unethical way of monitoring our private information.

Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Director: Oliver Stone

10. JOBS

Jobs is an accurate representation of the life of Steve Jobs, who is famously known for being the founder of Apple and doing his job. In addition, the movie tells about his personal and college life.

The film was primarily computer-generated and ensemble. However, some parts of the movie were inspired by the life of Steve Jobs and showed how he created such a successful company as Apple. The recreation of the iPod launch scene will give you goosebumps, and Ashton Kutcher's performance as Steve Jobs is phenomenal.


These are some of the most famous movies that represent what it is like to be a programmer. Many people think that The Matrix is the best movie series in this category since it contains so many fantastic hacker scenes. Other good alternatives include The Social Network and Jobs, which feature excellent depictions of the real deal behind writing code.

All these programming movies are fun to watch, and they give us a lot of information as well. Hope you find the blog helpful.